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Yeah, Jake Long is definitely ready to fuck his Momma!

American Dragon Jake Long On Ds

Yearning American dragon cum receptacle wants to feel hard black dick shoved deep into her asshole, and then blow it off till it shoots tons of cum into her mouth and on her face! American dragon hentai personages get back to present you too many new fuck pics that will make your dick hardened. Watch your back because this toon stuff and offers more surprises than you could have ever expected it to be:!

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American Dragon Yiff Story: "Nothing Like A Mother’s Touch"

Saturday! It was the start if the weekend with a perfect sunny day with only a few clouds, a warm breeze in the air, and most importantly, no homework! Unfortunately for Jake, it was not the lazy, sleep filled day that he was looking forward to the day before. Around 5 in the morning, Jake was suddenly awakened by his grandfather so that he could train. He didn’t protest too much, knowing that that complaining would only make whatever training he had today much harder. It was because of the nice weather and day dreaming that he didn’t see the tail coming strait at him until it was too late. With a loud grunt and yelp, he was thrown into a wall and slumped to the ground with a soft groan.

“Aw man..” Sounding defeated and wincing in pain, only adding to the numerous cuts and bruises that already coated his scaly hide. Sure he healed quickly but it still sucked to get your ass handed to you by your grandfather.

With a sigh, the older dragon approached Jake, holding out his clawed hand. “That will do for today young dragon.” He helped Jake up from the ground, while he allowed him to brush himself off.
Jake didn’t let the opportunity go to waste and quickly flew into the air, ” Later Gramps!” He started off toward home, before he could be tasked with something else. As he approached his home, he took a look down and noticed the car was gone. A large smile spread across his muzzle as he flew through the window of his room. He didn’t get the house to himself very often. Quickly changing back to his human form, he started to shed his clothes, listening around him for movement or Continue reading

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Here is Jake,Trixie and Rose having a very hot three-way!

American Dragon Fakes

Those American dragon are just too sex-starved with lots of revealing scenes that is there just for a start, and you can imagine what they do next. Inside American dragon sex bitches will get confronted with the siziest and hardest staffs that will pump each and every cock hole on their hot bodies… Rose Here is the scene and of wildest immoral that are digging into ;)

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American Dragon Porn Story: "Last Night Together – Chapter 1"

American Dragon: Jake Long
Last night together
Chapter 1
Making it Special


Jake Long, the American Dragon, and Rose, once a member of the Huntsclan, have had a winding history with one another, filled with ups and downs, make-ups and break-ups. Recently, Rose€™s history with the Huntsclan was erased from reality thanks to the selflessness of Jake via aztec wishing-artifacts, as well as her history with the boy she came to fall in love with.

Six Days ago, she had reunited with and remembered her true love by sheer chance; at first she didn€™t remember him and thought he was crazy, but she remembered who she once was just in time to save the dragons from the Dark Dragon and be rescued by Jake.

Since then, Jake and Rose have been spending every day with each other after Rose would leave school, and they did some memorable things. Jake€™s friends and Family let him spend his time with Rose, not knowing if he was ever going to see her again.

First Day (after the Battle): They had a night-picnic on Victoria Peak
Second Day: An Amusement Park, (Rose puked after one of the rides, but Jake was nice enough to clean it off of her face)
Third Day: Dinner and a Show (It was a comedy restaurant, and although the comedian only spoke chinese, Rose was able to translate)
Fourth Day: Rose invited Jake into her room and posed for photos he€™d take; said photos had her wearing various pajamas, underwear, swimsuits, as well as a towel, and a modest nude shot (Wear she€™d lay herself on the bed, cross her arms to hide her breasts and legs to hide her pubic area)… it was her idea, and her ninja-like quickness kept him from seeing anything, and left him at the receiving end of a sensual tease…… Continue reading

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Just because she is his mom does not mean that Jake can’t catch a few peek of his mom’s steaming figure…

American Dragon Porn

Well endowed easy lay from American dragon series is shaking from a hard cunt shag here!. By the way, isn’t it a fuck session one can spot in this pic? and . A bitch from a famous American dragon XXX toon sandwiched between a twosome massive pokers which cover her beautiful face with a shower of manly cream…

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This is Jake Long… in dragon form… nailing his busty mom Susan!

American Dragon Jake Long Fucks His Mom Sex Comic

Yearning American dragon easy lay craves for a huge ebony boner right up her ass, and then suck it off till it sprays jizz into her mouth and on her face… Watch and the superhero porn action catered by! American dragon XXX drawn sex characters fuck their living daylights out: you never saw them so excited and sexually eager ;)

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Jake Long and his mother are having the best mother-son bonding experience ever!

Just Cartoon Dicks American Dragon

Those American dragon are just too sex-starved engaged in undressing each other and playing the petting game that just begin, so you can iagine what else they can do… Naughty babe from American dragon XXX tv show is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action of all her previous experience ;) Enjoy seeing those cutest characters from celebrated toon naked and – you have never seen them this way! …

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You can’t blame Jack for having that what the hell look on his face after seeing that his mom’s bikini is so tiny!

American Dragon Cartoon Porn

American dragon heroes simply cannot quit a scorching new episode of this bizarre sex toon that go mad for each other and for their perverse sexual fantasies… This piece of mad comics bunch punch will make you to drool over all those hot and juicy American dragon hentai junkies enjoying themselves! ;) street walkers but love getting naughty and to present the best fuck session that you have ever seen!!

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Grandpa Dragon taking care of his nephew’s friends despite the family secret…

American Dragon Jake Long Sex

Be particularly attentive as the drawn American dragon stuff brims with more suddenness than you can dream of: the most skilled meaty fellows. We are anxious to plug this curvy and teen. Sexually eager hotties of American dragon hentai comic strip craving to use all of their skills to make visitors satisfied.

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American Dragon Hentai

Just another American Dragon Hentai blog was detected here: http://american-dragon-hentai.com and it got a lot stuff like the following: Another sexy starlet from American dragon show boasts this gorgeous cleavage to bring to our view and she can never reject anyone who comes up with a hard-on. American dragon XXX babes love to go hardcore with one another to bring the best drawn sex than you could ever dream of!! Check out the hottest heroes from tv show naked and – you have never seen them this way!! To browse more American Dragon Hentai just click here!

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